Latest WRC Update and Important Notices.

Please note that the ICO is now closed and a special WRC Coin Sale at a ONETIME special price has taken the place of the ICO where everything remains exactly as before including the referral commissions remain the sames. The special coin sale is being done to raise the capital for WRC Coin price protection plan to uphold the predetermined lowest prices on the market.

Please log into your existing WRC account to participate in the special coin sale.

Please check the Update tab in your back office for complete details about the special coin sale, the price protection plan and the anti-dumping policy.

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have reached the first few of many milestones.

1: The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been a success to raise the capitol needed for the WRC coin development. Milestone reached.

2: Raising the capital needed for the WRC trading platform development. Milestone reached.

3: Registering the WRC coin/token with MyEtherWallet, one of the largest Ether-Wallet providers online adding WRC Token to the Default Token list where the WRC Token is now an official ERC20 Ethereum Token recognized by the MyEthereumWallet platform. Milestone reached.

This will remove any requirement from our members and token holders to add WRC as a custom token and will ensure if you have WRC in your wallet that it appears without hassle.

When you unlock your wallet simply press "load token balances" and if you have any WRC in the wallet you will see your balance load.

The WRC project was intended to be By the people and For the people. Our goal was to create a solid and 100% debt free foundation and it was made possible by YOU the founding members.

You as the founding members are now part of something that will get VERY big, the advantage you have is that you are in it BEFORE it gets REALLY BIG and that is what makes people "Fortunes". if you have not joined us yet then we would like to encourage you join us now while you can still come in as a founding member and purchase WRC Tokens via your back office at the current rate of $0.05 per coin before the launch of the WRC trading platform goes live at which time the ICO ends where you can then only purchase WRC Tokens on the trading platform but most likely at a much higher price.

We are currently working on a 100% passive investment project to be launched in November 2017 where the WRC coin holders will have an opportunity to invest their their WRC Tokens for long term passive streams of income aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other payment processors

The opportunity to invest the WRC coin in long term passive streams of income is part of adding more utilities for WRC which in turn will increase the demand for the WRC coin thus it will lead to an increase in the price of the coin.